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We are your PLUMBING EXPERTS for all your bathroom plumbing needs. Our licensed plumbers can fix toilets, showers, sinks, tubs, and more. Additionally, we offer plumbing installation services and can assist with your bathroom remodeling projects! Call OMEGA PLUMBING today to get started.

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Omega Plumbing was great

Omega Plumbing was great, we hired them to move shower plumbing for a shower remodel. I was able to get an appointment right away for the day and time I wanted. The plumber arrived on time for our new scheduled appointment and was able to complete the job on the spot when I was only expecting a quote. The cost ended up being more reasonable than I was expecting as well. We'll be able to get this project done a lot sooner thanks to them and we will definitely be calling them for any future plumbing needs.

will use them in the future

Super nice guys and came out quick! Pricing is reasonable and they made quick work of making sure my shower was working properly. Definitely recommend and will use them in the future.

last plumber we will ever need

So far their Slogan has proven to be 100% correct! They really are the last plumber we will ever need. At my business we’ve had a urinal that’s been shut off for the last few months because of a regular flushing and a toilet in the girls bathroom that’s been on the fritz constantly getting clogged and what not. We had an event coming up, so I wanted to make sure everything was running the way it should be so I called them and set up a time for them to come by. They came to fix both of the issues and also repaired a sink in the third bathroom which had been recently replaced, but wasn’t connected to the wall with the pipes. Great service, great people, no complaints. Highly recommend. Thank you again for fixing our issues. FYI, this was several weeks ago, and everything‘s been running fantastically ever since.

bathroom plumbing faq

To prevent clogs in your bathroom sink, avoid letting hair, soap scum, and other debris go down the drain. Use a sink strainer to catch hair and regularly clean the stopper.
The problem likely lies with your water heater. If you’ve been taking cold showers, it’s time to call Omega. One of our plumbers can inspect your home’s water heating system. We offer 24/7 emergency service. Our plumbers are experienced in repairing and servicing both standard and tankless water heaters.
If your toilet keeps running, it might be due to a faulty flapper, fill valve, or overflow tube. First, check the flapper to ensure it is sealing properly. If it’s worn or damaged, replace it. Next, inspect the fill valve and adjust the float if necessary. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, call Omega Plumbing Heating & Cooling.